Helping your body by feeding it the right things !

Smoothie, Xango, Chlorella and Vianesse

Although the MWO can help to raise your energy level, adequate nutrition remains very essential. Your body needs all nessecary building blocs.

You can have a look at and

Vianesse is a food concept for a good shape and a healthy bowel !
Colonlife is a colon cleaner with psyllium husks, chorella and 12 herbs.
Chlorella itself is a very powerfull green superfood
So is Spirulina at

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Codex Alimentarius against nature !

On December 2009 the Codex Alimantarius becomes effective in 173 countries and all natural supplements, homeopathy remedies, vitamins, etc shall be illegal.

The only way to have access to those products shall be in electrical equivalent !
Give your body a lot of tempararely chaos and let it (re)create its own new healthy order.

Multiwave Oscillator of MWO naar het werk van Nikola Tesla en George Lakhovsky --- Brainfit bvba