Revolutionary MWO New Model that has it all !

Very powerfull and cooled Tesla coil.

The two antenna's that are included are special designed solid-state golden ratio antenna's mounted together with a very powerfull and cooled Tesla coil.
They are easy to setup on their "tripod" stand.
The height of these can be adjusted as wanted !
Easy to take it all on the move ...

The new unit was launched on March 1 st 2007

Quiet....... the spark gap is barely audible.
Comes with a one year bumper to bumper warranty,
spark gap included,
Spark gap should last for years and requires little adjustment. To order

Awesome Aesthetic Design

Minimal Ozone generation.
None from the Spark Gap.
Minimal RFI emissions from the Frequency generator,
totally shielded.
Electronic count down timer.

Easy to use, keep it simple !

Electronic countdown timer,
set any amount from 5 to 30 minutes.
Easy access on/off button.
Easy access handle on the top.
Robust connector system.(isolated)

Multiwave Oscillator of MWO naar het werk van Nikola Tesla en George Lakhovsky --- Brainfit bvba