FAQ on the Multiwave Oscillator

Read this about the MWO carefully :

Q: Can I use the MWO too much?
A: Lakhovsky found that a 15-minute treatment gave 90% of the effects of a 4 or 8-hour treatment.
One rule of thumb we have is that if you are seriously ill; use 30 minutes treatments for the first week and then 15 minutes after that. However, there is no evidence that you can use it too much.

Q: How far apart should the antenna be placed?
A: See The Waves That Heal. Typically for a whole body treatment they antennas should be 4 or so feet a part. They wave energy strength falls off as the square of distance between the antennas.
For spot treatment, such as the feet, the antennas can be placed as little as 12-18 inches parts with just the feet in the field.
Try to keep the antennas as close as possible with cause a risk of touching the antennas during operation.

Q: What height should the antenna be placed?
A: The antennas should be aimed at the center of the body, about at the pelvis or just above when seated in the chair. As with any electromagnetic emission, the field forms a football shaped envelop.
You can experiment with this yourself by placing a small (18-24") florescent tube in between the antennas and watching it glow. (Make sure it is dark.)
Move it around and test the field strength at various points away from the axis between the antennas.

Q: Does the height of the antenna have to correlate to the part of the body being concentrated on?
Example: If the person is concerned with a thyroid, should the antenna height correspond to the neckline?
A: Typically no. The whole body is receiving a treatment at once.
Though as a researcher you can experiment with this method of treatment.
The feet are the only body part that I have personally "singled out".
Once again, you may need to experiment with your individual situation and try different alternatives.

Q: Does my physical position between the antennas have to be front to back, or can I have them placed at my sides?
A: Both should work, though most seem to prefer the front to back arrangement.

Q: Will it work on my pet?
A: Yes, see The Waves That Heal. The MWO has been used on pets and animals for over 70 years.
Most pets seem to enjoy a treatment. Make sure to keep your pet away from the high voltage components.

Q: If I have a pet on my lap during the time frame I use the MWO, will it hinder the effectiveness of what I believe I am using it for?
A: No, we highly recommend using your MWO to help man's best friend.
The energy passes through the body even if there are two of you in there.
In fact, pets seem to love an MWO treatment.
See The Waves That Heal for more clinical information on pets and animals.

Q: How does the theory of the MWO differentiate between "good" and "bad" cells? Example: If I believe using it will alleviate a condition, how do I know it isn't accelerating the condition?
A; The MWO does not treat a condition itself. It energizes the body so that the body can heal itself.
Therefore, when the body is strong and vibrant, it can over come any invaders.
There is much more to this, see The Waves That Heal and other research material including Dr. Beck's writings on blood electrification.

Q: How many minutes a day should I use the MWO?
A: Refer to The Waves That Heal The standard treatment has always been 15 minutes. For severely ill people, two 15 minute treatments per day in succession or separately can be tried.
Every other day also works.
There may be a limit as to how fast the body can recover and slowing down the sessions may be necessary.
Each person's situation is different and you just have to experiment and see what works best for you.

Q: Will using the MWO for a long duration have any adverse effects? Example: If I use it an hour a day, will it be detrimental.
A: Keep in mind, this is an experimental equipment, however to our knowledge, no one has ever reported ANY adverse effects from a properly operating MWO.

Q: Is it imperative to use it daily?
A: Not necessarily, every other day might work just as well. Starting out every day then moving to every other day has been a successful approach for other people.

Q: Will it still be effective, if I only use it a few days a week? Example: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only.
A: Once health is (re)established, three or so days a week has been shown to help maintain one's optimal health level.

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